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Quincy Jones on Cultural Leadership
He speaks out once again for Americas students that are left behind by our broken educational system...

I was there...

It is not so totally hostile and vindictive now as when I went to school but it is still totally broken. It works if you want cannon fodder or minimum wage workers destined for a life of alcoholism and broken relationships.

They sit at home and watch the propaganda network and think that they know the truth... All good until you test them a little only to find out that they think what they are told by Fox News which is strictly false.

All bad.

And worse yet what passes for music coming out of the schools and cultivated by the major record companies is a shocking travesty. Nearly daily I hear a piece of music with a grevious musical error caused by the improper use of phrase libraries and samples by a "composer" who is unclear on the concept of modality.

Mr Jones on the other hand is clear, very clear in stating that we need to give these kids a hand up and actually teach them music and arts in the schools using teachers that have mastered their mediums. All to many of the remaining art and music teachers are not functinal artists they are folks who got credentialed up looking for a job.

Here is what Quincy has to say about our need for enhanced culteral leadership. 

It is not a long article, read it! 

Posted By cooks on 2009-05-09 18:26:22

Excuse me is that your elephant standing on my toe ?
Irritating isn't it.

Posted By cooks on 2008-04-25 21:51:30

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