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Ms Incognito

A torrid tale of modern cafe life and tattoo pollution...


Look, over there - thats her... she may be a spy :O 

Stikkie and JoJo examine the foibles of the mysterious girl at the cafe...

My alter ego Alfred plays the guitar with a screwdriver and we drink too much coffee.

Who is she anyway ? 

Cities on Fire

Craggies got the Kerosene and Stickies gotta match...

Some things just would be better off well done.

Not that we advocate turning your hood into a flame-mation but there are times when the current events just make you want to do things that could be considered anti-social.

Sorta like bananas foster only not quite so tasty.


Stick It Old Man!

I'm riding this bus for FREE!!!!

Really, we like bus drivers... <--- lying.

They are the salt of the earth.

When the pissant man at the crappy gig is on your ass about being 1 minute late and the bus dosent come forever...

Then the bus comes and the freeking bus driver just drives on by...

In the drivers mind there is another bus about 10 minutes back and  his bus is nearly full and he feels sweaty so why should he stop for a skawnky hippie and some more stinking commuters.

He dosent care he is AT WORK and rode there in his gas swilling SUV.

So once again massive lateness is achieved, the man is waiting at the door and...

The rent is due so you suck it up yet again and try to make nice like nothing is happenning.

Didnt work. never works. You get reamed by the man for lateness once again.

Of course with this baboon god help you if you punch out more then 5 minutes past quitting time and he might end up paying OVERTIME! 


Hot Bodies

After everything moves around it gets HOT!

Another ode to the local crop of rock dance floor standers and others who are just a little unclear on the exact procedure for having a good time. Let me break it down a little here...

1) Yell and Scream

2) Jump up and down and actually dance

3) Rub up against what ever turns you on...

4) Be sure to leave a tip in the musicians jar as the club owner dosent even pay minimum wage.

5) Boogie until you puke! 



Featuring a the groovy stylings of vocal goddess Kacy Lee Powers from a historic 80's Modern Artists recording.

Ready to Die...

A song for those that are really sick of it all.

Sometimes you get to a point where it all does not make sense or the sickness becomes too extreme...

hack hack hack...

If you are ready to die... DIE! heh~ opps! 

Love is the Power

Really, all we need is love...

Unfortunately we failed to fully levitate the Pentagon in the 60's and as a result all those nasty folks stayed in charge of our place.

I would like to be optimistic though so...


Chaos and Order...

A very early version of an old chestnut...

This is *really* old... really - really old!

It has an odd vocal sample from the legendary video game VO goddess Lani Minella and more...

I will have to dredge up the new version as it is guaranteed to offend most everyone :)


Push it In

A nice little love song...

For the phone sex groove rock crowd.

There really must be more to life, sometimes I just wish that Maceo would take us all TO THE BRIDGE!


 Ms Incognito
 Cities on Fire
 Stick It Old Man!
 Hot Bodies
 Ready to Die...
 Love is the Power
 Chaos and Order...
 Push it In
 The Stikman
 Sleepytime Gorilla Museum
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