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  Welcome to STATIC!

We were nice at one point but that time has passed...

This is the new haunts of Static, a band from the bay area...

  At First it Was All Fun...

Everyone laughing and having a good time.

Then came the Bush years... 

Really we used to have some fun until the economy in the Bay Area shut down.

If you heard your local talking meatstick or fawning media asswipe tell you how good it is and actually believed them then you need to see if your junk insurance covers mental health care because you need some now~

The remnants of the seedy cast of charactors in the Static alumni club are Stikman on the awesome bullhorn and wind instruments, JoJo playing her electric leaf rake, Craggie battering the the stall in the bathroom and Cooksey making trouble for everyone with some new digital audio noise.

Really a nice group of folks even if they have some rather odd notions about it all... 

Or maybe, just maybe... those notions are not so odd after all.

We will leave it up to you. 



Members and Honored Alumni...

These songs feature in various combinations the following freaks as well as a host of others from the zombie legions. 

Vocals, Bullhorn and wind instruments - The Stikman

Vocals - JoJo

Guitar, Drums, Keys and Sampler - Cooks

Drums - Craiggie

Bass - Ronzoni - Naia

Keys - Nick 

Sampled Vocals - Kacy Lee

 Welcome to STATIC!
 At First it Was All Fun...
 The Stikman
 Sleepytime Gorilla Museum
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Static, the popular east bay band with the twisted sense of humor play their own twisted style of Naked Goat Party Music.
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